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Caribbean File Storage Aruba N.V.

Archive management.
Space and time are two concepts, that we all want more of it would like to have, and that certainly applies to archives. Caribbean File Storage Aruba NV (CFSA) archival storage and information management, the ideal solution. Bring your files among our professional archival storage, and you are sure that the information is stored securely. Meanwhile, the documents are always available, because we keep your records up to date and only You are fully accessible.
Therefore: Your files, our concern.

File storage

CFSA archival storage and management.
We can register your files, manage, archive, purge and/or destruct, and we ensure that the information re­quested on time again. Your files wil be stored in the depot in archive boxes. Each archive box is recorded and indexed. These data are entered into the database of CFSA.

    The advantages for you:
  • No worries, time wastage and lack of space about the static archive.
  • The current archive is available for other purposes.
  • Your archive is in a professional archival storage of CFSA and thus meets the required standards.
  • Optimal protection against fire, burglary and water damage, pests and unwanted access.
  • Your archive is managed by the archive specialists from CFSA and is always up to date, most accessible and immediate to see.
  • If you want consultation a document, we will ensure that it is soon again at your office. It is also possible to 'scan on demand' and to send return your information by e-mail in Adobe®™ pdf format or by facsimile (fax) to receive.
Archive storage