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Caribbean File Storage Aruba N.V.

Scanning of documents on demand

The 'scan on demand' of documents is a service of the pillars of Caribbean File Storage Aruba NV (CFSA), although it is not the core business.

Scan on request
Scanning of documents Want to documents directly or consult over the short term there are two possibilities. The first is on your demand that we deliver to your address of the original file. A second option is to send the documents in digital form. A cost-conscious choice that com­bines the best of both worlds. The hard copy files remain secure and safe kept in the CFSA archive repository. The moment you need it, our file clerk at your request will ensure, that the file or scanned documents made in pdf format, be available to you. Transmission is taking via e-mail or facsimile (fax). A prerequisite for practical reasons is that the number of copies is not too large.

Size and contrast
When we talk about scanning documents, we often have files with a very versatile substance. A file often contains a variety of paper and / or formats. CFSA specializes in scanning various documents. Files with multiple paper types and sizes are usually not a problem for us. Technically, there are virtually no limits: different color or grayscale or black and white, usually all we can scan documents.

A reservation must however be made. These are the size and contrast of the material. Larger than letter-size and A4 should be scanned in multiple parts. Strongly yellowed or discolored material with so little visible text, ask a lot of rework in order to be eligible for this process. Therefore it is better in this case this is not to choose.

Future services.

CFSA is a relatively young but active company. We understand that some of our clients want direct access to their (static) archive files. That is our reason to make a digital service available. Scan on demand "combines the advantages of the remote archive storage with the convenience of instant, secure access to your documents.

As soon as possible you hear our conditions if these services become available. (Note: We will continue the normal services as used now also.)

Availability of the 'File Index lists' with Web-hosting
The first opportunity is, a secure connection by web-hosting to the index lists from your records in our data base. So you can easily find the number of the document that you would like to have. After passing the record numbers and your needs by e-mail, we provide the rest.

Next CFSA will develop:
With on-demand scan your off-site records are "with a few keystrokes" available. If you wish to see a file, simply send us an email with the file number. The file clerk retrieves the file from the archive and scan the documents you requested in pdf format.

Web-hosting Once the file is scanned, it wil be placed on our secure, password-protected website. You log in using your username and password. Now you can find your file online during the 30 days period, as many as needed at no more extra costs. You can then also print the document from our website. Once you have online access to your file, you may also save it to your own hard drive of your com­puter.

    Key benefits:
  • Easy access directly from your PC anywhere in the world to the contents of your files.
  • Standard PDF format that you can download, print and share with others (with Adobe®™ or other PDF reader).
  • Multiple pages are stored in the same file and are easy to navigate from your web browser.
  • Secure, password protected access..
As you see, CFSA works allways to a progress!