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Caribbean File Storage Aruba N.V.

Caribbean File Storage Aruba N.V. (CFSA), provides facilities to companies and institutions in records storage and management. There are various forms of services available that savings large cost for participants. CFSA is a reliable company for safe archiving different types of documents.

Company buildings

The records are supplied by clients in closed boxes and by request of the customer picked up at their location. The boxes may be sealed by the owner if it would request confidentiality. Through a well thought system of storage by request a file can be found quickly, then this as required by the owner may be returned. Even more urgent documents can be scanned and are sent by electronic mail, e-mail or facsimile, (scan on demand).

This system of archiving "outside the door" (off-site storage) to save enterprises a lot of space and manpower, and thus time and money. To manage an archive requires an employee to be so appointed. Also it makes available space at the company more efficient and effective use for the production of their own establishment.

CFSA - Orangetown Aruba