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Caribbean File Storage Aruba N.V.

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An archive is a useful tool. The characteristic of an archive is, that it completely independent of the will of an institution or company arises. From the outset, there are administrative acts and creates of documents, so archives grow. An archive is not something that is gathered, it just grows from day one.

What is archiving?
Archiving is more than just store everything. Filing is the art of finding. And that means a total concept in which the system of archiving must be in accordance with appropriate archival products.

Dynamic or static files?
file storage There are two different types of filing systems: dynamic and static. What is the difference between the two and what is the best for you? Over there we can you recommend in good agreement.

Retention periods.
How long should the various pieces retained?

According to the Public Records Act.
Government agencies but also other companies must adhere to the Archiving Laws. The retention of original documents of companies with branches or offices in Aruba is 10 years. After this term archives (possibly) will be cleared.

Long term storage.
Experience shows that companies have legal documents of lined judicial processes in possession which can not be destroyed. It may also be advisable for important documents at the origin of development of your company or institution, (creation, expansion, mergers, new product development etc.), not (have) to destroy(d).

Maintaining the filing system.
The archive files are stored under the specified categories or departments of the customer. It is possible that sub-departments within departments are divided. Every department has its own category of storage.

Secure archiving.
Protect your records against fire or theft by our purpose designed storage place. If you liked customer services and are service-centered, You has much care and time spent for gathering information. You want anytime, anywhere and preferably directly access on your documents. It is therefore important that this information is properly stored and accessible and findable.

CFSA n.v. Orangetown, Aruba
CFSA n.v. Orangetown, Aruba.